Village Primary Academy

Village Primary Academy

School Uniform

Children should wear the academy uniform. The Harmony Trust is committed to supporting the provision of affordable school uniform for all children across our academies.

Our compulsory uniform consists of

  • a royal blue sweatshirt/cardigan with embroidered logo
  • a white shirt/blouse (polo shirt accepted)
  • grey or black skirt/trousers/shorts
  • white/grey /black socks or tights
  • sensible footwear preferably black, grey or dark blue, including trainers
  • fleeces with embroidered logo are also acceptable
  • blue checked dress in warmer weather

 Uniform for Sports Lessons

Indoor P.E

a white t-shirt

black shorts



Outdoor P.E

a white t-shirt  

black leggings or tracksuit bottoms can be worn


 Religious Artefacts

  • If children wear headscarves for religious reasons, these must be without a pattern, dark blue, black or white.
  • If a parent wishes their child to wear a religious artefact the headteacher needs to be informed in writing.
  • If consent has then been given to wear a religious artefact in school, they need to be removed or made safe for P.E. For example, Sikh bangles must be covered for the lesson with a sweat band.


  • No jewellery other than stud earrings and watches can be worn in school. If stud earrings are worn, they must be removed for P.E for health and safety reasons. The child must take out their own earrings or wear masking tape over the earrings for P.E, but if this is not possible, then they must not be worn to school on the day of P.E.
  • The school cannot be held responsible for any lost or damaged jewellery
  • Unless connected to a special fundraising event organised in school such as Red Nose Day, pupils should not have brightly coloured dyed hair or extreme patterns in hair.

Uniform can be purchased from Andrew Hyde Schoolwear -

Unembroidered uniform can also be purchased from a retailer of your own choice which provides the same required practicality and smartness. Second hand uniform can also be bought and sold at

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