Village Primary Academy

Village Primary Academy

Village Values and Harmony Pledge

The Harmony Pledge

Through ‘The Harmony Pledge’ all academies provide different opportunities to develop children’s character competencies and raise aspirations. The Pledge aims to broaden children’s experiences and aspirations in order to enable children to become lifelong learners who can always BELIEVE, ACHIEVE, and SUCCEED and to develop cultural capital. We aspire that all children have the knowledge, skills, attitudes and aspirations to succeed in school and beyond and that they are aspirational, confident, resilient, tolerant, creative, effective communicators, self-motivated, cooperative, honest and able to solve problems. And that children know how to be physically and mentally healthy and how to keep themselves safe.

The 10 Point Harmony Pledge:

  1. Be safe, healthy and happy
  2. Be a fundraiser
  3. Be a performer
  4. Be an eco-warrior
  5. Be respectful
  6. Be a volunteer
  7. Be democratic
  8. Be an adventurer
  9. Be an expert learner
  10. Be workwise


Village Values

We strive to enable everyone to be:

  • Respectful
  • Resilient
  • Responsible
  • Reflective
  • Confident
  • Independent

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